Coat of arms of Budapest

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In the year 1873, the city of Budapest was founded. It is an association of the old cities of Buda and Ó-buda (Old-Buda) on the western hills on the banks of the river Danube and the newer city Pest on the eastern banks. The old city of Buda was founded in the 13th century when King Bèla IV. built the fortress after the battle against the Tartars.

On the upper part is the old Pest arms with one tower, on the lower is the old Buda arms with three towers. The second gate on the wall of Buda represents Ó-Buda, which had totally different arms before. The bar symbolises the river Danube. The star in the old (left) arms was added during the communist reign in Hungary.

The new arms are crowned by the holy crown of St. Stephan. Stephan was the first King of Hungary, and the crown was given to him by Pope Sylvester II. The holy crown is the symbol of the State of Hungaria and the sanctuary of the Hungarian people. St. Stephan died in 1038.


Materials used for making this coat of arms are silver, brass and copper, also shading technique was applied.


Characteristics of the coat of arms:

-height: 18 cm

-width: 24 cm

-weight: 300 gr

Frame size: 43cm x 38cm

Finished in 2010.